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Don't let the disintegration of your marriage affect your life more than it has to

Attorney Paul Allen Bayer's role as a counselor is often separating real issues from emotional and destructive activities that may unnecessarily befall divorce litigants.  Don't be afraid to come to him with feelings of failure, anger and hopelessness.


Children can be the innocent victims of parent squabbles.  Even though divorce may be necessary, it doesn't have to harm the children involved.  


 •  Either spouse may be entitled to support for a period of years

 •  Parenting should be a collaborative process

 •  Every Domestic Relations Court has a standard visitation schedule


The only thing that could possibly make divorce worse is unnecessary venomous litigation.

It is usually advisable to develop a plan for both parents to share in the parenting responsibilities and enjoyment of companionship with the children involved.

How can your children be protected during and after a divorce?

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“Attorney Bayer is the best thing that could have happened to me for my divorce.  Even though the process was depressing and stressful, I felt that Attorney Bayer had my back and gave me something to look forward to and get it all behind me and in perspective.  His background in Social work gives Attorney Bayer an insight most attorneys don't have.”

- RM, Cleveland

Divorce without war


You don't have to go through your divorce alone

Paul Allen Bayer has the compassion, trustworthiness and knowledge you should seek.

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